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Nowadays, a building key fob (also commonly known as a Vigik® key fob) is the most common means to access a building. Access devices with digital codes or keys are still in use, but the building access badge reader offers more security. Property owners or building managers prefer to use access badge readers because only key fobs holders identified by the intercom system can access the building. This allows for optimum access control, entering the building cannot be done without authorization. However, the building owner only provides a single copy of a Vigik® key fob. This can be problematic if ever a key fob is lost or if you have a large family. In this case, making a copy of your building’s key fob is therefore necessary. In this section, you will discover all you need to know in order to make a copy of your Digitag key fob.

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All you need to know about Digitag

Digitag is a brand of the CDVI Group and is one of the best-known brands of building key fobs in France. Digitag key fobs are made of polycarbonate. They are therefore long-lasting. They are mainly proximity key fobs with a frequency of 125KHZ. In the shape of a key ring, it slips discreetly in amongst your other keys. 

CDVI is one of the most reputed manufacturers of building key fobs in the world. Not only is it known in France for offering a wide range of access control and electronic locking solutions, but also throughout the world. The company has numerous subsidiaries including; Germany, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Poland. Its products come with a ten-year warranty. 

Our guarantees

Compliance with joint-owned properties’ rules


The main reason why building owners support the Vigik® key fob’s unique concept is to ensure the security of property and people within the building. Indeed, access control is easier with a single Digitag key fob for each apartment. To guarantee this exclusivity, building managers mainly use central units with an anti-copying restriction. However, having a unique Vigik® key fob is not required by law. This is why, if you need to make a copy of your Digitag key fob, you can always make a request to your building manager. The latter is able to withdraw this anti-copying restriction in certain situations. 

ReBadge®, therefore, favours a building key fob copying process that respects the rules of your condominium. Duplicating a Vigik® key fob with ReBadge® means, first of all, checking those rules. Once that has been done, we will quickly process the copy order. You can check the anti-copying restriction on your key fob very easily and quickly at a local partner store.

A two-year warranty


Problems related to intercom systems can happen when you least expect them. For instance, when an intercom no longer recognizes your building key fob, you are unable to gain access to your home. This type of problem often occurs because of a poor-quality key fob becoming faulty. As it is commonly a plastic accessory, the Vigik® key fob can deteriorate quite easily. Once the building key fob is damaged, it will not be identified by the control unit.

ReBadge® guarantees long-term access thanks to your Digitag key fob copy. Your Digitag key fob copy comes with a 24-month warranty. Your Digitag key fob is made from robust materials, is tactile, free of harmful substances, and easy to transport. A ReBadge® building key fob copy is shockproof and is damp resistant. You will be able to keep it on your person at all times.

Respect for anonymity

It is important to be able to rely on a professional to make a building key fob copy. Simply bring your original Digitag key fob to a ReBadge® store for a quick copy. Not only do we ensure that all your transactions are carried out with the utmost discretion, whether that’s in-store or online. 

Your building’s key fob does not give us access to any of your personal data. Even if you give us your Digitag Vigik® key fob, it will not allow us to find the attributed address. So how is it possible to know if your request for a Digitag key fob copy is authorized by your condominium’s regulations? In reality, the anti-copying restriction integrated in the Digitag intercom sends us the information while scanning the key fob. If the key fob is copyable, our partner store will be able to make a duplicate in less than 3 minutes. If the badge has an anti-copying restriction, our partner store will inform you that the badge is not copyable. 

How do I make a copy of my Digitag key fob?

Going to a ReBadge® partner store

ReBadge® currently has a vast network of partner stores to take care of your building’s key fob copy wherever you are in France. In fact, we are in partnership with more than 3,000 shops and establishments. They are spread throughout France to ensure the proximity of our services. These partner establishments not only have all the necessary equipment to duplicate your Digitag Vigik® key fob, but they also adhere to our values and principles. The Digitag duplicate key fobs supplied by our partner establishments are therefore products that respect the rules of joint-owned properties. 

To find one of our partner stores located near you, visit our website and access the interactive map. You are also free to request a copy of your Digitag key fob from a partner store in another town. Even if it is a French town you are just passing through, you can make your building’s key fob copy there with complete peace of mind and in less than 3 minutes.  

ReBadge® partner shops work in several fields. So, when you visit one of them, you could end up in a cobbler’s, a locksmith’s, or a DIY shop. This can also be seen as an opportunity to shop whilst waiting the few minutes it takes to make your Digitag Vigik® key fob copy. 


All the benefits of copying my Digitag key fob in a ReBadge® partner establishment

If you visit one of our partner stores, you will receive a copy of your Digitag Vigik® key fob in less than 3 minutes. Simply bring your original building’s key fob to our partner store to get a quick copy. You can also take advantage of the services the store provides.

The advantage of having your Digitag key fob copied by a ReBadge® partner store is not only the speed of the process, but also the personalization of your building’s key fob copy. You can choose the colour of your copy. This is not only an opportunity to make your building’s key fob more aesthetic but also easily recognizable. However, this colour customization is only available in-store.

ReBadge® offers you an affordable copy of your building’s key fob. The price for a copy is on average €30. This is an affordable price for a high quality Digitag key fob copy. However, this price may vary slightly from one establishment to another.

SecurClés app for a quick online key fob copying

You don’t want to have to travel in order to make a copy of your Digitag key fob? Then you can send us your Vigik® key fob copy request without having to go anywhere at all. With the SecurClés app, you can send ReBadge® your request for a Digitag key fob copy from the comfort of your sofa.

All you need to do is download SecurClés app. It is easily installed on Android and IOS devices. To send us your order, take a picture of your building’s key fob, on both sides. This app has been designed with systematic recognition of any key fob brand. This means you don’t have to fill in any information regarding your Digitag key fob to copy.

As far as payment is concerned, you can also choose the method that best suits you. The Post Office will deliver your Digitag key fob copy to the address of your choice. This guarantees your security and anonymity. You can also use the SecurClés app to place a long-distance order for your key fob copy. 

How reliable is an online order to make a copy of my key fob?


Have you decided to order your building’s key fob copy online? With the SecurClés app you can have full confidence. It is an application launched by the well-known company SecurClés providing assistance within one hour for loss of keys in France. SecurClés has already collaborated with many intercom manufacturers, such as Bticino, Hexact, Verisure, Aiphone and Intratone, among others. This confirms the company’s professionalism and reliability, as well as adhering to ReBadge®’s values. 

SecurClés also uses a patented technology, called Visual Identification & Translation Technology (VITT). This technology was developed in order to ensure your complete anonymity when requesting a copy of a magnetic key fob or any other type of building key fob. As an expert in security services and systems, SecurClés has easily implemented a high level of reliability in the use of its SecurClés app. 

Another advantage of ordering your Vigik® key fob copy online is that your application is referenced for life. When you place an order for a Digitag key fob copy, a SecurClés reference is also added. This allows you to store the scan of your building’s key fob securely for the rest of your life. Which means that you can order another copy of your building’s key fob without having to take another picture of the original key fob. It’s also very useful if ever you lose your key fob.

For maximum security during shipment, we advise you not to give your personal address. It is better to give another trusted address to deliver your Digitag Vigik® key fob copy. For example, you could choose to have it deliver to a Pick-up & Go location or to someone you trust.

About ReBadge

Rebadge is the pioneer of building badge copying in France and around the world. Thanks to its patented technology, Rebadge identifies 100% of the key fob models and allows copying the models authorized by the condominiums and building managers. The key fobs are of high quality, certified, and guaranteed for 2 years. With more than 2,500 points of sale and a vigik® badge copy service, Rebadge offers its customers a local, fast, economical and reliable service.