Pioneer in key fob duplication

ReBadge: Number 1 and Pioneer in key fob duplication . Grâce à sa technologie brevetée, Rebadge permet aux serruriers et cordonniers multiservices, de proposer à leurs clients une solution pour copier les badges d’immeuble en moins de 5 minutes.

ReBadge: Number 1 and Pioneer in key fob duplication .

ReBadge has a vast network of 3,000 professional sales points throughout France. Thanks to this network, ReBadge enables its customers to benefit from high quality locally-based services. Its partner stores offer services with:




We have made key fob duplication simple

When you choose ReBadge’s services, you are choosing simplicity and security. Copying a Vigik® key fob has never been easier, faster or safer. For a better understanding, you’ll find below the differences between a classic procedure and a procedure with Rebadge.

⏱️ Before ReBadge®

If you don’t use ReBadge service at one of our sales points, you’ll have to contact your landlord or property manager. This procedure is long and costly.

Émission de la demande

Le particulier émet sa demande auprès du syndicat de copropriété.

Analyse de la demande

Le syndicat analyse la demande du résident et contacte un spécialiste.


Le spécialiste vérifie la copiabilité du badge et le remet au syndicat de copropriété.


Le syndicat reçoit la copie badge immeuble et la remet au résident.


Obtention de la copie badge immeuble.

🎉 Make a copy in a locally-based partner store

This process is much shorter than the classic procedures. In fact, there are no intermediaries. Here is how it works:

Se rendre en boutique ReBadge®

Rendez-vous chez un de nos partenaires de proximité.

Fabrication en direct

Le cordonnier se charge directement de la copie du badge d'immeuble.

Obtention du badge

Vous repartez avec votre badge dupliqué utilisable de suite.

🎉 Make your key fob copy online

You can place your key fob copy order online with SecurClés app without having to travel. To do so:

Scannez votre badge Vigik®

le badge sera immédiatement reconnu. Votre demande sera directement envoyée auprès d'un des partenaires de ReBadge®

Reception du devis

Recevez les détails de la commande (délai et prix) et valider la commande

Obtention du badge

Faites-vous livrer le badge à l'adresse voulue

Patented technology and high-quality standards

The patented ReBadge technology for Vigik® key fob duplication works in two stages:


Identification of the key fob model according to different existing models (universal car park access badge, corporate access badge to be personalised, blank corporate access badge) with a 100% efficiency rate.


Duplication of the original key fob onto a blank one (Vigik® key fob copy, Intratone key fob copy, Urmet key fob copy, NFC Android key fob copy, etc.).

ReBadge’s partner stores offer both a high-quality and a high-standard Vigik® key fob copy service. Their service is certified to a high standard (ROHS, IP58, CE) and comes with a 2-year warranty. The company has carried out tests based on the most demanding criteria on the market to ensure high resistance. This is an important aspect due to the frequency that housing key fobs are handled over time.

Strict control procedures

ReBadge respects the requirements of condominium regulations regarding the duplication of Vigik® key fobs. If you are faced with anti-duplication restrictions, Rebadge dealers will inform you that we cannot make the copy.

About ReBadge

Rebadge is the pioneer of building badge copying in France and around the world. Thanks to its patented technology, Rebadge identifies 100% of the key fob models and allows copying the models authorized by the condominiums and building managers. The key fobs are of high quality, certified, and guaranteed for 2 years. With more than 2,500 points of sale and a vigik® badge copy service, Rebadge offers its customers a local, fast, economical and reliable service.