Copying my key fob online with SecurClés® app

You can order your duplicate Vigik® key fob online in just 2 minutes without having to travel. The copy of your building key fob is then delivered to your home or to an address of your choice.

SecurClés uses ReBadge® technology

Duplication process in 4 steps

Making a copy of your building’s key fob online has never been easier and more convenient, thanks to our partner app SecurClés. The Rebadge technology, integrated into the app, gives you access to a patented technology that identifies all Vigik® key fobs models. Simply scan your Vigik® key fob and it will be immediately recognised. Then, quickly place your order for a copy of your magnetic key fob wherever you are. It will be shipped directly to your home or to a Pick-Up & Go location of your choice.

I download the app and take a picture of my badge

The photo is sent to the SecurClés® analysis department to determine its technology

I receive my quote

Our volumes allow us to offer you unbeatable prices and delivery times. All our badges are guaranteed for 2 years

I select thesecure delivery method of my choice

For your security your anonymity is 100% guaranteed from order to delivery.

I order online

My payment is totally secured and anonymized by the bank processing establishment.

Download SecurClés® app

SecurClés® is available on App Store and Google Play.

Our main commitments

To ensure and satisfy a high-quality service, Rebadge respects its commitments to:

Assuring a high-standard, high-quality key fob reproduction. The manufacturing process of your key fob copy is based on reputed certification standards. These include quality references such as IP58, ROHS, CE.

Having our customers benefit from a secure authentication procedure, by using patented technology, supported by legal professionals. Your anonymity will be fully respected.

All Rebadge key fobs provided by our partner app SecurClés hold a 2 year-warranty.

Scrupulous control procedures

o ensure the security of your building’s key fob copy, you may be asked for your property card on the SecurClés app; for legal verification. This control process is carried out before the duplication of your Vigik® key fob.

SecurClés® use Rebadge® technology

Making a copy of a building key fob is quick and easy when using our partner app SecurClés. You no longer need to travel to get a copy of your Vigik®. Simply confirm the copy of your Vigik® key fob online and wait for it to be delivered.

To do so, go on Rebadge’s platform to get all the information you need to complete the process. There are four main steps to follow before validating the procedure of your new Vigik®. Starting with the scan on the app’s access badge reader before receiving the corresponding tariff.

Then, your Vigik® key fob will be analysed to determine whether the rules of your condominium allow the duplication or not. Rebadge ensures that your Vigik® key fob copy is secure, to optimise your protection and that of your belongings. The shipment will be secure, respecting your mode of delivery, while also preserving your identity.

Duplicating my key fob with SecurClés®

Step 1: download the app

Before you can make a copy of a building badge, you must first download the SecurClés application. The next step is to take a photo of your Vigik® badge to complete the process. It will then be taken in charge by the platform, in order to be transmitted quickly for analysis.

Step 2: Get the quote

After analyzing your Vigik® badge model, the application tells you whether the badge can be copied or not, the price and the delivery time. The rates and deadlines are much more advantageous than by going through the co-ownership syndicates.

Step 3: Benefit from a fully secure delivery method

By using the application of our partner SecurClés to order your copy of Vigik® badge, you benefit from a reliable and highly secure system. To do this, your anonymity will be fully protected from the moment you place your order until it is delivered. You will have the choice between different alternatives without having to communicate your address or your identity. Namely :

  • Guarantee of a completely anonymous withdrawal procedure at a point of sale that you will have selected beforehand;
  • Shipment of your badge to the address of a person of your entourage (office, friends, family), according to your indication.

Step 4: Place your order online

You can order your copy of a Vigik® badge with complete peace of mind, since your transaction will be anonymous and totally secure. Indeed, the banking establishment which ensures the treatment of these operations passes by a site recognized particularly for its safety. Thus, the only information that will be transmitted to SecurClés is the confirmation of your payment.

Our services will never be able to know for which lock your copy of Vigik® badge is intended. Likewise, your contact information will never be revealed since no details that could determine your identity will be requested when you create your account.

About ReBadge

Rebadge is the pioneer of building badge copying in France and around the world. Thanks to its patented technology, Rebadge identifies 100% of the key fob models and allows copying the models authorized by the condominiums and building managers. The key fobs are of high quality, certified, and guaranteed for 2 years. With more than 2,500 points of sale and a vigik® badge copy service, Rebadge offers its customers a local, fast, economical and reliable service.