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Your Noralsy key fob is the digital key to access your home. It is attributed solely to you, and is generally issued by the manager of the condominium. You can sometimes be in need of an additional key fob, for either a family member or housemate, for a carer, or cleaner. In such case, you could request a new key fob from your property manager, which often takes a long time and is costly, or you can simply go to a ReBadge® partner store near you to make a copy of your Noralsy key fob.

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Making a duplicate Noralsy key fob has never been so easy, safe and fast

SecurClés uses ReBadge® technology

Noralsy, the 100% French designer of intercom and access control systems

Noralsy has been in business for 40 years

Following the success of the “PORTACODE” coded keypads in 1979, the company diversified its products. Within the field of access control, Noralsy was quick to offer solutions adapted to both residential and commercial premises. Its control units, access readers, Vigik® key fobs and accessories are produced exclusively in France.

To date, Noralsy intercoms have been installed in over 1 million homes in France. The popularity of Noralsy keypads is due to its innovative products which have been designed by 15 engineers. The design and high-quality of the equipment are becoming increasingly attractive. And to ensure that its equipment works to the best standards, Noralsy offers continued training to its 5,000 installers. 

In 2021, two innovation prizes were awarded to Noralsy. The first was received at the 81st HLM H-expo congress, and the second at the UNIS congress. These awards were received thanks to the Noralsy 4G range of intercoms and the “Accès Mobile” app. This function is based on the principle of a virtual key that allows a Vigik® door to be opened without a key fob.

Noralsy intercoms and access controls

Noralsy intercoms are available in wired, 3G network and 4G network models. Disability standards have been applied to some models to facilitate the daily life of residents with reduced mobility. Magnetic loops, large Braille buttons and voice synthesizers can now be found on the Noralsy keypad selection. 

As for access controls, coded keypads remain Noralsy’s flagship products. They are available in white, silver, champagne, black, or stainless-steel finishes. The brand also offers Vigik® control units and access badge readers, HF remote controls and receivers, key safes and modems for real-time management. Installation accessories, such as universal installation brackets, are also available from Noralsy. 

Noralsy intercoms can be subscribed to on the packaged rates offered by the manufacturer. The packages include: audio and/or video communication, technical support and updating of the Noralsy equipment. The prepaid offers give access to the installation, the sim card with a 15-year warranty, communication and updates. 

Noralsy key fobs

For optimal access control in a joint-owned property; a Vigik® key fob is an effective solution. Condominium managers often offer non-reproducible key fobs, such as Noralsy key fobs in order to maximize security. However, this anti-copying restriction can be lifted by the building manager on request. 

Noralsy electronic key fobs are black with red, blue, yellow, purple or black inserts. They are formatted and the encrypted numbers are engraved in stainless steel. For big condominiums, it is possible to program Vigik® key fobs for up to 3,000 units, using the TELU-B remote control. These Noralsy Vigik® serial key fobs are made in successive numbers for logical programming.

The Noralsy Portaphone app

To simplify the use of Noralsy keypads, the company has developed an app for Android and IOS since 2018. Your smartphone or tablet will then be the platform for your intercom communications. You will be able to see visitors by video and control access to your home even if absent. 

The app offers other features allowing you, for example, to zoom in on images, or to open your garage door. It is also possible to refer to the call history with image storage. Even if there is no signal, you can receive calls from your Noralsy intercom.

The Baticonnect website for real-time access management

Noralsy has made it easier to manage mass access rights thanks to the Baticonnect website. This online portal allows access to different buildings to be managed in real time, without having to physically go to the building. When new Noralsy digital codes are added, they are automatically updated on the website.

Thanks to this platform, the programming of new Vigik® key fobs or the deactivation of lost key fobs is done via computer. The same applies to the management of control panels, and changing the access code. Baticonnect is also a database developed to facilitate searches. The website offers key fob traceability by number, resident and date of creation. Stocks of Vigik® key fobs can be easily managed in order to plan new orders. 


 Baticonnect can manage all Noralsy connected equipment such as

– The Vigik® control unit

– HF receiver 

– Coded keypad

– The key safe

– The wired control panel

– 2G modem

– 4G control panels

Our guarantees for your duplicate key fobs

Compliance with condominiums’ rules

Connected Noralsy equipment can be fitted with an anti-copying restriction to guarantee that the original key fobs remain the only ones in circulation. This option is programmed on the Noralsy Vigik® control units managed in real time by Baticonnect. It applies to Noralsy Vigik® key fobs for the KCP4000/6000/8000 references.

In addition, the use of unauthorized key fob copies results in the Vigik® key fob becoming disactivated. ReBadge® is the solution for copying Vigik® key fobs in compliance with your condominium’s rules. Key fobs that are subject to an anti-copying restriction are immediately detected by the ReBadge® machine during the ordering process. If your key fob can be copied, then we will do so, and you can have total peace of mind regarding this process.

Compliance with CE standards

Our building key fob copying service has been designed to satisfy customers in compliance with applicable standards. We use patented technology. This allows us to recognise all Vigik® key fob models. The high-quality key fob copies manufactured by ReBadge® are now ever-present in Europe, Australia, and the United States. 

We apply CE standards to our products when making copies of building key fobs. In accordance with the European RoHS directive, we limit the use of harmful substances, to guarantee users’ health and protect the environment. 

A two-year warranty

Our Vigik® key fob copies are subjected to rigorous strength tests to ensure maximum durability. The key fobs have an IP58 envelope protection rating. This rating protects against dust and other microscopic residues, with a submergibility of more than 1 meter, in order to withstand any minor accidents that could occur in everyday life, such as being put in a washing machine.

Our key fobs have a 2-year guarantee. Your building key fob copy will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. If ever you have any complaints, our partner stores and customer service teams are always available to help you.

Respect for anonymity

ReBadge® is a specialist in the field of duplicating building key fobs, and the company is ever-invested in preserving your anonymity. We assure that your identity is protected and your transactions are completely anonymized. 

Moreover, it is impossible for us to know your address by reading your key fob. To check whether the Vigik® key fob can be copied, we do not contact your building manager either.

The only information we have about your badge is whether it can be copied or not.

How do I copy my key fob?

In one of the 3,000 approved partner stores in France

ReBadge® has nearly 3,000 partner shops throughout France to ensure proximity to its customers. These shops offer Noralsy Vigik® key fob copying services in line with ReBadge® values. 

To copy your Vigik® key fob in one of our partner stores, use the interactive map on the ReBadge® website. Just enter the postcode. The map shows you our partner stores within a 10 km radius. For greater confidentiality, it’s possible to make your Vigik® key fob copy even further away from your home.


These shops include locksmiths, cobblers, tobacconists, etc. You can save time by taking advantage of the shop’s main services while waiting for your Vigik® key fob copy. You do not need to show any form of identification to have your Noralsy Vigik® key fob duplicated. Only the original key fob is required. 

Why go to a shop to copy my key fob?

If you want a personalized copy of your Noralsy key fob, you should go to one of ReBadge® partner stores. You can choose there the colour of your copy. A bright colour for your Vigik® key fob will make it more recognizable among other keys. A softer colour, will allow it to always be in tune with the times. 

The average price of a Noralsy digital code key fob copy is €30. This is a reasonable price when considering the high-quality product on offer. However, establishments are free to set the price of a Vigik® key fob copy without deviating from this average.

What if I order my key fob copy online?

You can also use the SecurClés app to order a copy of your Noralsy Vigik® key fob online. The app was developed by SecurKeys, the specialist in 1-hour key loss assistance. A market leader in Europe, the company works with major intercom and locksmithing companies.

In order to get the app, simply download it from the Play Store or the App Store. Your phone will then be used as a scanner to identify your Noralsy key fob. You will then be given the price and the manufacturing time for your duplicate key fob. Simply choose a delivery method along with an address to receive your Vigik® key fob copy. 

The advantage of SecurClés is that you can keep your Vigik® key fob references for life. Which means, if you ever lose your key fob, you can order another copy at any time thanks to this secure backup system. Moreover, you don’t have to fill in the data on your NFC chip. Simply scan the front and back of your Noralsy intercom key fob to make a copy which complies with the standards. 

What precautions should I take when ordering a copy of my key fob via SecurClés?

Ordering a copy of your Noralsy digital code key fob online is already highly secure due to the encryption of your profile data and the pictures of your Vigik® key fob. Moreover, the SecurClés technology is patented. Visual Identification & Translation Technology (VITT) guarantees 100% anonymity. 

The same applies for any payments you make when ordering a copy of your building key fob. Your bank details are only known by the partner bank processing the transactions. SecurClés only receives the payment confirmation to process your order. Furthermore, the authentication process of the magnetic key fob copies is done within a legal framework. 

You can choose a delivery to a Pick-up & Go location to further maintain your anonymity. Alternatively, you can have your key fob delivered to a friend’s address or directly to your home address if you wish. 

About ReBadge

Rebadge is the pioneer of building badge copying in France and around the world. Thanks to its patented technology, Rebadge identifies 100% of the key fob models and allows copying the models authorized by the condominiums and building managers. The key fobs are of high quality, certified, and guaranteed for 2 years. With more than 2,500 points of sale and a vigik® badge copy service, Rebadge offers its customers a local, fast, economical and reliable service.