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ReBadge® will help you copy your Jgie key fob with total peace of mind. If you live in a building secured with a Vigik® key fob system, damaging or losing your key fob implies losing immediate access to your home. An access badge reader is often the only entrance control system; if your key fob is deactivated then there is no way to unlock the entrance. Fortunately, you can now easily copy your key fob in the best way possible. 

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Brand overview

All you need to know about Jgie

Jgie was founded in 1993 by Jacques Gindro. Jgie is a company specializing in designing access control and electronic lock systems, along with the technology involved in developing electronic doors. By replacing traditional keys with access key fobs and by replacing locks with access badge readers, the security of residential premises becomes more optimal. This is how Jgie has contributed to securing building access.


Jgie has become one of the leading designers of electronic access control systems. In 2019, it changed its name to Soone. The innovation remains the same, which is to protect its customers against outside intrusion by using RFID technology. In addition, its electronic access control solutions are suitable for many condominiums.


Jgie does business with various types of customers. You can use Jgie to improve the security level of your home. Jgie uses its access control system to improve the security level of a block of flats in various ways. For example, controlling the comings and goings of visitors by programming a time slot, or using CCTV to monitor the entrance door.

Equipment that respects environmental standards

All Jgie products respect manufacturing standards. Jgie is a company based in France, particularly present in the Franche-Comté region. By working with experts, Jgie enables customers to receive equipment that respects standards such as those concerning the environment. In addition, the experts at Jgie are specialists in urbanism, allowing all customers to benefit from the advantages of these access control devices.

A high-end security system

Jgie provides customers with a high-end access control system. The company can install an entrance door equipped with an electronic lock and an access badge reader. The Vigik® key fob reader is a proximity reader. Which means that the key fob reader can identify and allow access to a matching key fob that come within a close distance to the electronic lock.

Jgie is also specialized in intercom systems. This allows you to benefit from access control using key fobs and access codes at the same time. In your absence, the Jgie security equipment can transmit a video onto your smartphone. This way, you can check the identity of the person at your front door and decide whether you wish to let them in or not.

Jgie’s physical access control is not just for residents in a block of flats. Jgie’s access control system is also suitable for businesses to allow them to screen staff with access rights to a particular location. For example, the lock on the door leading to the hardware store will not be released unless the staff have a magnetic key fob allowing them access.

Products adapted to community life

Do you manage a building with several co-owners? Jgie is the access control solution for any building. Jgie’s security tools are adapted to private and social landlords. This means that you can install Jgie’s electronic lock on the main door of condominiums, offices or schools.

Through the design of the software used by Jgie, the Jgie security lock is able to manage the access key fobs of all residents under your responsibility. Each key fob has its own number to allow Vigik® access badge readers to identify the person using the access chip.

Jgie also offers access solutions for buildings with several doors. Doors can be linked by Jgie’s intercom technology while respecting the wiring of the door opening system. The traceability of an RFID key fob also verifies the comings and goings in the building. This makes Jgie’s high security RFID access control systems ideal for preventing any outside intrusion.

Jgie key fobs

Jgie electronic key fobs are available in several colours (black, red, green, yellow and blue). Yoy can then choose the type of key fob you need. The different categories of key fobs are :

– Proximity key fobs: Recognizable by checking its reference. The proximity key fob has the reference CA****. This type of key fob has an engraved stainless-steel plate and has a frequency of 13 Mhz.

– Mifare key fobs: these key fobs present two categories. The first is the BAVIG series Mifare key fob. You can identify it by its reference code (BAVIG*). This key fob operates at a frequency of 13 MHz. On the other hand, you can opt for a Mifare BAPRO13 series proximity key fob. Just like the other key fobs, this one is distinguished by its reference code (BAPRO13*). It can also be recognized by its roughly rectangular shape. This proximity key fob operates on a 13 MHz frequency.

– 125 Khz (MARIN) key fobs: as the name suggests, these key fobs have a frequency of 125 Khz. This 125 Khz key fob looks similar to a Mifare BAPRO13 RFID chip, but is distinguished by its BAPRO frequency.

Our guarantees

A Jgie key fob copy in compliance with condominium’s rules and regulations

ReBadge® enables you to make a copy of a Vigik® key fob. Some condominiums choose to set up an anti-copying restriction on certain key fobs, which means residents must then request their copy directly with the building manager(s). Thus, each key fob that is issued can be traced. For all Jgie key fobs that are not subject to anti-copying restriction, ReBadge® is able to issue a copy directly to the resident upon demand. The ReBadge® machine detects instantly whether your Jgie key fob is copyable or not.

CE-compliant key fobs

ReBadge® guarantees the conformity and high-quality of any key fobs’ copies. We use high-quality materials that comply with CE standards. In addition, we do not use hazardous materials in our products to protect the health of our customers.

We are also able to handle international customer requests. ReBadge® performs its tasks in compliance with CE standards for the duplication of Vigik® key fobs. We have the possibility to deliver our duplicate security key fobs in several countries. We are located in France and Europe, but also in the USA and Australia.

The Jgie key fob copy comes with a two-year warranty

Our key fobs are waterproof and dustproof, as well as designed to withstand most of the incidents of everyday life. In addition, our key fobs come with a two-year warranty. Our Vigik® key fobs are resistant to overhandling, heat, dampness and pollution. This means you can travel with your access key without worrying about it getting damaged. If you ever have any problems, you can contact us via e-mail, through our website, or through one of our partner stores.

Confidentiality regarding your personal data

The confidentiality of your personal data is very important to us. ReBadge® is a professional access control key fob duplicator. We ensure the confidentiality of your personal data and make you a copy that always complies with the rules of your condominium. Moreover, your key fob does not contain any information regarding your home address or your personal identity. Your key fob copy request is therefore 100% secure and done anonymously.

How can I make a copy of my key fob?

With one of our 3000 approved partners all over France, you are bound to find one near you!

With 3,000 approved partner stores throughout France, you are bound to find one near you!

ReBadge® offers a local service by collaborating with around 3000 approved partner stores based in France. To ensure customer satisfaction, our partner stores are all equipped with ReBadge® Vigik® key fob duplication machines.

Within our vast network of partner stores, you can easily find a place to make a copy of your Jgie key fob near you. To find one simply enter your postcode and check the list of our partner stores in your area.

The establishments partnering our project work in various fields of activities. They may be locksmiths, cobblers, or even tobacconists.

By choosing one of our partner stores, you can get a copy of your Jgie key fob in 3 minutes. You can also choose the colour of the electronic key fob. In addition to being quick and easy, the duplication of a key fob is affordable. Depending on the establishment, the price is averagely priced around 30 euros.

On your mobile phone using the SecurClés app

You can also order a copy of your Jgie key fob online using the SecurClés app. Log on to the platform directly on the app and submit the form. To place your order, simply scan your key fob with your mobile phone so that the app can recognise the brand.

Once done, complete your order by choosing your payment method. The delivery is made via the Post Office directly to your address or to a Pick-up & Go location of your choice. 

The advantages and reliability of online ordering

Advanced technology allows you to read and copy your RFID key fobs with your mobile phone. This saves you the hassle of travelling and offers the convenience of home delivery. Moreover, it’s quick and easy as you can do it within minutes. In addition, SecurClés saves your key fob’s reference code for life. You can therefore make a new copy of your Jgie key fob if ever you lose it.

Ordering online is not only quick, but it also saves you money. The price of the online duplication starts at 29.99 euros. Post Office delivery is free of charge. So, you’ll get your new Jgie key fob at a low cost, without paying any delivery charges.

About ReBadge

Rebadge is the pioneer of building badge copying in France and around the world. Thanks to its patented technology, Rebadge identifies 100% of the key fob models and allows copying the models authorized by the condominiums and building managers. The key fobs are of high quality, certified, and guaranteed for 2 years. With more than 2,500 points of sale and a vigik® badge copy service, Rebadge offers its customers a local, fast, economical and reliable service.